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About Me

My love and respect for cats all started at the early age of 5. My parents surprised me with a kitten and from that point on I knew these magnificent creatures would be a big part of my life. They taught me that when you give compassion and care they reciprocate with their love and acceptance. I learned how to be aware of their needs to keep them at ease.

Having had many cats in my care over the years, from young to old, from healthy to those who needed special care, I was there when they needed me.


I fully understand how important our pets are to us. They are family, but there will be times when you need to get away. I am here for you to make this possible so rest assured your little buddy will be taken good care of with a reliable and trustworthy sitter so you may enjoy your time away stress free.

Hope to hear from you soon! 


Catgirl's Happy Clients