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Veterinarian Information
Please fill out the following form in order to ensure proper care of your Pet in case of medical emergencies
Catgirl Kitty Sitter requires all clients to complete a Veterinary Release Form. In the event of an emergency, Catgirl Kitty Sitter will make every attempt to contact the owner, the secondary owner and the emergency contacts. In the event that no contact can be reached,  Catgirl Kitty Sitter will seek appropriate medical care for your pet(s). Catgirl Kitty Sitter will make every attempt to take your pet(s) to the Veterinarian clinic listed blow, however, if your Veterinarian clinic is not available, Catgirl Kitty Sitter will bring your pet(s) to an appropriate clinic.
If Primary care Veterinarian Office is unavailable, I authorize for Emergency care VERG Veterinary Hospital located at 196 4th Avenue Brooklyn New York 11215

Thanks for submitting!

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